Phuket International Hospital

Phuket international is one of the leading hospitals among others in Thailand reason. This hospital was recommended under the local authorities as a personal hospital opened in year of May 22nd 1995. After that it’s never looks back and creating many revolutions in the field of medical science. Due to several facility patients all round the globe are come towards area for their problem. The accommodation system of the hospital is so high class that patients can’t face any type’s problem during treatments. The medical has been 144 single rooms attach with bathrooms, also having some additions single rooms in case of emergency, and many more facility. Due to this reason many outside patients are moving towards the Phuket international hospital to draw the positive results from their problem. The Emergency Department of Phuket international hospital has opened 24×7 for better customer’s service. Due to above reason the hospital is opening several separate departments to increasing its service area.   Located on tropical island of the Phuket, and surrounded by crystal clear waters of Andaman Sea, Phuket International Hospital is the biggest private hospitals in region as well as in partnership with Phuket International Center, is a largest supplier of the plastic surgery on island. Remodeled in 2007, and Phuket International Hospital gives sophisticated diagnostic as well as therapeutic care with the specialties in thpe lastic surgery, general medicine, aesthetics, as well as surgery.

Phuket International Hospital was been founded at 1982 as well as was first private hospital open in an area. Phuket International Hospital treats many patients every year as well as has undergone the extensive reconstruction & remodeling during 2007. We have enviable reputation of giving the high quality & cost efficient hospital services, and coupled with warmth as well as caring nature that just true Thai hospitality will give. The in patient accommodation gives you the premier services that are ranging from decorated tastefully private rooms, VIP suites as well as international ward. The private rooms give en-suite, satellite television, phone,  as well as balcony. Rooms are all air-conditioned, have bedside table for the toiletries & closet for the personal belongings. Phuket International Hospital is the largest & leading private hospitals in region giving you the sophisticated diagnostic & therapeutic care in each specialty of medicine & surgery. The Phuket International Hospital gives treatment to needs of Thai population, the foreign tourist as well as foreign residents, treating many patients every year. In Phuket International Hospital we have enviable reputation of giving high quality & cost efficient hospital services, and coupled with warmth as well as caring nature, which just true Thai hospitality will give.

In Phuket International Hospital, they use the international staff take care of the international clients & offer complete range of the services to make sure your visit to hospital is smooth & pleasant possible. They have eliminated the language barriers just by employing staff, which will speak wide range of the languages.