Nose Surgery Thailand

What is Nose Surgery Thailand?

At Thailand, many surgeons are applying the rhinoplasty surgery to solve the nose problem of the patient. During the nose treatment, the surgeon can rectify the damaged, thin, large, wide, and long nose of the patient. The rhinoplasty surgery is having an excellent feature that can be attached to every facial surgery method to rectify the face problem of the patient. It is offering guarantee result to the patient’s nose problem. The rhinoplasty will be performed by the high medical technology. It can be used by the authorized surgeon of the hospital. Apart from this, the patient of the rhinoplasty surgery will have to leave smoking and drinks at least two weeks before and after the surgery.

What about Pain after Nose Job?

During surgery, you cannot feel pain because of anesthesia & sedation. After operation, most of the rhinoplasty patients experience mild and moderate discomfort, and might need prescription pain medications in first 24 to 72 hours. Regular Tylenol is generally taken after this time frame, on needed basis.

Why is nose job named rhinoplasty?

Word “rhino” means “nose” & word “plasty” means ” shape or else to mold.” Thus, “rhinoplasty” means “to shape and mold your nose”.

What features are improved with the rhinoplasty?

Many changes to shape of nose is made with the rhinoplasty and noses are made smaller and larger, narrower and wider, shorter and longer. The bumps on bridge are corrected, as well as droopy noses are lifted.

How is surgery performed?

Surgery is done by reshaping cartilage & bone under skin of your nose. After the deep structures are been reshaped appropriately, skin redrapes over new framework.

Are there any cuts outside nose?

Most of incisions for rhinoplasty are all made inside your nose and there are the situations, which need small incisions being made outside your nose. These are generally placed in the hidden areas.

Are there any visible scars after surgery?

Generally, most of incisions are in nose & small incisions that might have to get placed outside generally tend to heal very nicely. Thick and raised scars and keloids are very rare after the rhinoplasty.

Will everybody know I have had the nose job?

Goal of the rhinoplasty is bringing nose in the harmony with rest of face. Generally, after the rhinoplasty, people can comment on fact that you look much better, however most might not see your nose is very different. After rhinoplasty, the people can tend to see some other features of the face, an previously masked by the nose, like eyes & lips.