Reduction Nose Job Thailand

How Reduction Nose Job is performed?

Sometimes, patients are not happy with their nose. It may be too large or too small, what reducing their appearance. In such cases patients should take the help of surgeon, they will suggest patients to have a reduction nose job surgery.  The main advantage of the surgery is that it is so quick and efficient. The procedure of the surgery is very simple. In reduction rhinoplasty to get a well shaped nose the excess bone and cartilage will be removed from the nasal septum. The technology used in Thailand for reduction nose job is so advance that the patient can get the appropriate result as he want.

Effect of the Rhinoplasty

Also well known as the nose surgery, the rhinoplasty reshapes nose to make that more proportional & balanced with rest of your face.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

It is the surgical treatment that will reduce and increase size of the nose, and change shape of tip or bridge, narrow span of nostrils, and change angle between the nose & upper lip. It might as well correct birth defect and injury, or else help to relieve a few breathing problems.

Best Candidates for the Rhinoplasty

Best candidates for the otoplasty are:

  •  Adolescents over age of fourteen
  •  Healthy adults


All the surgery carries some risk, and you must be aware of medical risks that are associated with procedure prior to you consent to the surgery. The surgeon can discuss all these risks with you at time of consultation, as well as you are been encouraged to ask some questions in case, there is anything you will not understand.

You are needed to sign consent form prior to surgery stating you are informed of risks involved; and you understand all these risks; and you accept these risks. It is standard hospital protocol & surgery cannot be done in case, you don’t sign.

It is all your obligation to inform about surgeon of the key medical information, which might influence outcome of the surgery or might increase level of the risk. These include the medications that you take, history of the disease, medical complications, and many more.

Risks & risk rates differ from every patient that depends on range of factors. And no two people are same and risks that are listed below are all possible risks that are associated with this kind of the surgery & are mentioned irrespective of how the possibility:


Small burst vessels resulting in small, and permanent red spots and incomplete improvement, and need additional surgery.