Septoplasty Thailand

What is septoplasty in Thailand?

Due to birth defect many persons are never satisfied with their nose that doesn’t work properly like others. If it is the actual problem, then it’s better to fix the problem instead of searching the causes. In this regard, septoplasty is the best surgical process that can be performed to level the nasal septum the panel among the two nasal cavities. In this process the septum will run down the middle of the nose. When it departs in single cavities it uses to thin the cavity and obstructs airflow. In most of the cases, the lower turbinate is growing at the opposite side of the enlarger that is known as the compensatory hypertrophy.

How succesful is this surgery?

Septoplasty is the common nasal surgery, most of the people recover very well.

How I know I need septoplasty?

It is good to have the good nasal exam by the Otolaryngologist and there are a few medical treatments, which will reduce the nasal swelling.

When & why is the septoplasty done?

The septoplasty is done in case, septum is crooked and it interferes with the breathing and causes some other problems. Some people in fact, have the perfectly straight septum, however in most of the cases amount of the bending is not very large enough to get noticed.

Will I breathe better after the surgery?

Surgery improves patient’s capability to breathe by the nose.

How long I will have bruising and swelling after the nasal surgery?

With the current techniques that are used and there are minimal swelling & bruising after surgery. In case, patients do have the small amount of the bruising after the surgery it is generally for period of 1 to 2 days.

Will structure of nose get altered after the surgery?

No in case, Septoplasty is only treatment that was done then it will not alter basic structure of nose.

What is medication that will be prescribed? Antibiotics, hydrocodone or Codeine, Phenergan suppositories are a few of common medications that are used.

Septoplasty will occasionally lead to some minor complications such as:




At times small risk of hole (perforation) in a septum, however this rarely needs any kind of treatment. Additional the surgery is completely if perforation causes any discomfort or infection like “Toxic Shock Syndrome” that develops. Bacteria like Streptococcus & staphylococcus are found generally in nose of a few people, in case, nasal packing is done then there are a few chances of them to develop the toxic shock syndrome.