Revision Nose Job Thailand

Why the revision of nose job required?

Now, due to huge growth of medical science many types of nose related surgery or rhinoplasty process are available through which the patients can solve their problem within short period. In this regard, revision nose job is helpful for the patients to stay aware about their actual treatments to rectify the nose problem. With the help of the rhinoplasty surgical process the patients can rectify their birth problem as well as occurs due to serious accidents or any mishaps. During the surgical process the surgeons will first examine the present condition of the nose and after that they will apply drafter.

What types of complications will happen in rhinoplasty?

The complications in rhinoplasty are categorized as the functional (and related to the breathing) and aesthetic (related to the appearance); there are the elements of both. The problems after the rhinoplasty commonly are because of underresection (not sufficient taken off), the overresection, or asymmetry. At times the abnormal scarring is the problem after rhinoplasty.

Generally, it is simpler to fix the problems that are relating to the under resection, as they are fixed by going & “taking a bit more.” The problems that are caused by the overresection are a bit more complicated as material has to get added, as well as technical factors that are arising from need to add some tissue should get considered. The asymmetries will generally get improved and sometimes are fixed completely.

If you want to use grafting material for rebuilding my nose, what type of materials is used in the revision rhinoplasty?

Whatever material is been used, you must expect you & your surgeon can discuss what is being used in the case. Different materials are been used. Commonly, cartilage is been taken from your nose (nasal septum) and from ear. Less commonly, the rib cartilage is been used. This is your rib, and it is specially treated, irradiated rib that is taken from donor. The examples of all is seen in Photo Album.

Do you take special measures in revision rhinoplasty?

In patients with thin skin, even slightest irregularity are felt or seen. And in these cases, we think use of the Alloderm. Obviously, in case, this is the consideration for patient, then doctor discusses this with them in advance of the surgery.

Alloderm is the non cellular human dermis that is taken from the organ donor & treated with the patented, the FDA approved treatment. The Alloderm is been used in many facial cosmetic applications, and that includes scar revision, lip augmentation, as well as rhinoplasty. In the revision rhinoplasty in the patients with thin skin, the Alloderm are placed between skin & graft to thicken skin & thereby give you additional camouflage for graft.