Recovery from Nose Job Thailand

How much time it will take to recover the damaged nose?

The recovery after nose surgery is fully depending on the surgical method, damaged condition of the patient’s nose, complications during the surgery, and most importantly smoking factor. After 4 to 6 weeks of the treatment patient can get back to their normal life. However, the rhinoplasty surgery will take some time to recover the accurate size of the nose, but it will offer the guarantee result to the patient. At Thailand, surgeon will select the suitable candidates for this surgery who is mentally and physically good, and also eager to leave the smoke and drink at least two weeks before the surgery.  When surgery is complete, splint is applied to help the nose to maintain new shape. Doctor makes use of special methods to minimize need for the nasal packing. Occasionally the soft rubber internal splints are then placed inside your nose to stabilize septum, dividing wall between air passages.

Minimize swelling & special wound care will hasten recovery & healing.

The splint, which is made of the tape & overlay of the thermoplastic plastic is been applied to help bone & cartilage of nose to maintain the new shape. You can view graphic photographs of thermoplastic splint application.

After the surgery

After surgery mainly during first 24 hours the face can feel puffy, and your nose might ache, and you might have dull headache. You will control any of the discomfort with pain medication that is prescribed. Plan to stay in bed with head elevated (and except to go to bathroom) for first day. Minimize swelling & bruising aftercare promotes healing & earlier return to the activities

You will see that swelling & bruising over the eyes can increase, reaching the peak after 2 or 3 days. Applying the cold compresses can reduce the swelling as well as make you feel better. We make use of cool gel mask to cool tissues. In any of the case, you can feel much better than you look. And most of swelling & bruising must disappear within 2 weeks and so. (Few subtle swelling unnoticeable to anybody however you & doctor can stay for many months.) You may view photographs of Swiss Therapy here.

For people who are not patients, Swiss Therapy gel the cooling mask are bought at Surgery Store. Little drainage is very common during first some days following surgery, and you might continue to feel a few stuffiness for many weeks. Doctor can probably ask you not blowing nose for one week or so, when tissues heal.