Open Rhinoplasty Thailand

What is Rhinoplasty?

There are several things you have to consider while patients are going for open rhinoplasty. Patients have to learn quite a few things before going for a rhinoplasty. Though the procedure of surgery was very straight forward but patients should be careful before having this option. Normally those patients who want nose surgery they are the candidate of rhinoplasty. Patients are getting much assured result by having rhinoplasty surgery. Many surgeons like to perform this surgery because it is a very easier surgical process to perform.  In Thailand, many well known doctors are performing open nose job very efficiently.

Is Open Rhinoplasty Superior Rhinoplasty Operation?

Short answer to the question is “No” though it might be better operation for you & the plastic surgeon because it is preferred approach that is taken by doctor. It is also interesting in world of the minimal invasive surgery, direction of the rhinoplasty is one to invasive procedure with the open rhinoplasty in the majority of the cases. The trend also indicates how demanding procedure nasal reshaping really is; and most of the experienced rhinoplasty will agree that there is no two rhinoplasty operations same. Thus, name “nose job” is rather poor title for challenging operation.

Benefits of the Open Rhinoplasty

Main benefit lies in exposure of nasal anatomy being altered. By removing skin coverage of underlying cartilages, anatomy is studied & altered to liking of plastic surgeon. Also, grafting is done more simply and generally is done extensively in the open nasal operations other than endonasal ‘closed’ rhinoplasty. Unluckily, this ease of the exposure & grafting doesn’t necessarily translate in the better outcome for each patient.

The revision rhinoplasty carries on to be common procedure that is sought after the open nasal reshaping surgery. Few extensive secondary rhinoplasties are approached through open technique. Closed rhinoplasty operation is inferior for the complicated revision rhinoplasties.

Disadvantages of the Open Rhinoplasty

Yes, there are the outside incision and though this might sound traumatic, in case, sutured precisely and in case, nose heals like anticipated, and this incision rarely causes any of the aesthetic concern.

The open rhinoplasty is longer operation. Generally, additional time essential for opening & closing nose easily adds additional hour and more to overall surgery time. The Open Rhinoplasties take generally 3 hours and more depending on how much of work is been involved.

There are scaring after the open nasal reshaping operation and more surgical dissection & separation of the tissues are essential for open rhinoplasty treatment. The operated nasal tissues need to heal later on that means scaring.