Large Nose Thailand

How the large nose surgery will be performed?

If the patients have large nose, and want to rectify it, then the rhinoplasty surgery is perfect for the candidates. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove the bone and cartilage from the nose. It is a comfortable surgical procedure through which patient can get many benefits that can help the patient for enhancing the facial appearance. The large nose surgery has been divided into three parts such as: over projected nose surgery, wide nose surgery, and long nose surgery. At the time of treatment, the surgeon will divide the patient’s nose problem depending upon the conditions. In this way, the surgeon will do the treatment successfully.

What do you mean by nose surgery?

Also called as rhinoplasty, the nose surgery improves appearance & proportion of the nose, improving facial harmony & self confidence. The surgery of nose might as well correct the impaired breathing that is caused by the structural abnormalities in nose.

Some important facts of safety & risks of the nose surgery

Decision for having the nose surgery is very personal and you may need to choose in case, benefits can fulfill goals and in case, risks & potential risks are acceptable. The plastic surgeon or staff can explain in complete detail risks that are associated with the surgery. You are also asked to sign the consent forms to make sure you completely understand procedure that you can undergo & any other risks and potential risks.

Risks include:

  •  Nose asymmetry
  •  Rupture of the small surface vessels of nose
  •  Poor wound healing
  •  Infection
  •  Bleeding (hematoma)
  •  Anesthesia risks
  •  Cardiac & pulmonary risks will happen in the longer surgical treatments and might get associated with formation of, and increase in, the blood clots in venous system
  •  Change in the skin sensation (numbness)
  •  Nasal airway alterations might happen after the rhinoplasty and septoplasty, which might interfere with the normal passage of air by nose
  •  The nasal septal perforation (hole in nasal septum) might develop however is rare; and additional surgical procedure is essential to repair nasal septum however in a few cases, it is impossible to correct the complication
  •  Skin discoloration & swelling
  •  Possibility of the revisional surgery
  •  Pain that might persist
  •  Skin contour irregularities
  •  Unfavorable scarring
  •  Sutures might spontaneously surface by skin, and become visible and make irritation, which need removal
  • Preparing for the surgery


Before surgery, you are asked to:

  • * Get the lab testing or medical evaluation
  • * Take some medications and adjust current medications
  • * Stop smoking in advance surgery