Closed Nose Job Thailand

What is close nose job surgery?

A close nose job is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon will perform nose surgery by doing nothing on the outside of the nose. There are some concerns patients have to take before having close nose job surgery. However patients don’t have to worry about it because risk can be expected in all surgeries. The risk is in this surgery is very rare. You should choose a well known surgeon to perform this surgery. There are many hospitals in Thailand which are providing closed nose surgery by specific surgeon. There technique of surgery is also quite different from others.

Common Nose Job Method

Most commonly well known nose job methods are open & closed procedures.

Basic Open and Closed Treatment:

There are various types of the nose methods generally doctors do open & closed procedures. Difference between 2 nose job methods is where incision is.

Closed Nose Job Method

Closed nose job treatment is been used more while there are the limited bridges and minor tip issues. Closed nose job method is the procedure, which has the hidden incisions in nose. The nose job method is commonly used as you will not see scars. The nose job method is difficult for surgeon as it is much harder to visualize internal structure of nose.

Open Nose Job Method

Open nose job method is the procedure, which has got more incisions then closed technique & incisions are the external where as closed incisions are all internal. In open technique nose job surgeon that cuts columella that separates nostrils & this is where tissues are situated. The Nose Job surgeons make use of technique more as it is simpler to visualize how nose can become. More patients have got the open nose job method done on them while they have had previously the nose job surgery.

Primary Nose Job

Term primary nose job generally refers to first time that the nose job is done on the given person. The primary nose job is done for the aesthetic, functional and reconstructive reasons, and for mix of three of these.

During surgery, the surgeon mgiht help to restore the skin coverage of nose, making and recreate the normal nasal contours, as well as help to correct & increase the nasal airflow. Surgery is at times used to help to repair the nasal damage sustained at time of traumatic injury of nose. The nasal injury will lead to the permanent deformation like displaced bony humps & disalignment of nasal bones. The problems are generally fixable by the nose job. During surgery, the nasal humps are reduced & nasal bones are realigned.