Breathing Problems Thailand

How Thailand doctors helping patients breathe freely?

There are many causes related to the breathing problems such as asthma, chest pain, and cold. If anyone suffers from breathing problems, then they need to see a  doctor, and take advice on how to get rid of the problem. The doctors in Thailand are recommending the patients to perform nose jobs to fix their breathing problems. Nose jobs have been designed to relieve symptoms of  breathing problems for patients.


Congestion is the common problem, which causes some difficulty breathing through nose. The congestion is been caused when mucus membranes, which line nasal passages to get inflamed & make excess mucus. The people describe congestion as the “stuffy” nose. The congestion are caused by the infection, like common cold, and by allergic reaction. Also, there are over counter medications named decongestants that are used to assist to relieve the nasal congestion.

Deviated Septum

Septum is wall, which separates two sides of nose and septum is observed as skin, which separates nostrils, as well as that travels up length of nose to sinus cavities. Septum must divide 2 sides equally and when person has deviated septum, then septum instead leans and curves to a side that will cover and obstruct opening at a top of nasal cavities on this side. This will make that very difficult to breathe by nose on affected side. The deviated septum is been corrected with surgery named septoplasty.


The nasal polyps are all noncancerous growths in nasal cavity and they are all shaped like partially inflated balloon and teardrop. The nasal polyps will develop from the lengthy infection and irritation. They will also happen without any provocation in person predisposed for developing the polyps. Few nasal polyps are very small & will not make problems, however others will become very large enough to block nasal cavity, and making that very difficult to breathe. In a few cases, nasal steroid spray is used to reduce size of nasal polyps. Some other people might need surgery to have polyps removed.