Nose Job

Why Patient Choose Thailand For Nose Surgery?

Rhinoplasty  was also known as rhinoplasty. It is a procedure which is used to increase or decrease the shape of the nose. It also provides perfect shape to the misshape nose. This is a safe and affordable surgery available in Thailand. Patients can save up to 70 to 80 percent of their cost by having nose job surgery in Thailand. Patients can find well trained surgeon with lot of experience in Thailand.  The high technology of Thailand hospital can prove very efficient to the patients who are going for their nose surgery. The patients can have the surgery within their budget.

Is Computer Imaging or Simulation Available for Rhinoplasty ?

Yes. During the consultation, doctor can take photographs from ious angles & use them simulating the proposed changes to shape of nose. You may have the opportunity to give feedback & help to construct “new nose” on computer screen. The surgical plan will be formulated in order to reflect changes that you desire as well as are all comfortable with.

Does Insurance Cover Cost of Nose Job?

Yes, some circumstances the medical insurance carrier might cover the portion of rhinoplasty cost, and that depends on breathing history & nasal examination. For example, in case, you have any trouble breathing because of previous nasal trauma, then your insurance might cover portion of the operation, which addresses nasal obstruction. Doctor has necessary medical expertise for assessing accurately in case, the rhinoplasty needs any functional correction of the breathing.

How is Rhinoplasty  Procedure done?

That depends on complexity of the procedure, and rhinoplasty might last from 2 to 4 hours. Skin of nose is then elevated after making the cosmetic incisions on inside of nostrils. Next, underlying bone & cartilage are then altered to attain desired nasal shape. Example, in case, tip of the nose is large, then tip cartilage is een reconfigured to reduce size. Skin is laid back down over bone & cartilage as well as all incisions are then closed. The splint & tape are applied to outside of the nose to assist with the healing. Occasionally, the nasal stents or packing are used inside nose to maintain the stability.

What is Recovery Like following Nose Job? When I can Return to Work?

You can plan to take around one week off from work, and as most of the patients return to regular activities in 7 to 10 days after nose job. We also take some special precautions during the surgery to minimize bruisingand swelling, and ask you use ice & special creams in immediate some days follow.

Nose Job