San Paulo Hospital

Who is the MD of this hospital?

This hospital is a private leading hospital and it can offer best surgical procedures to the patient. Dr. Chainan Thayawiwa is MD of this hospital and he has launched promotion to improve the fund for the hospital’s equipment, and he has made the temple of Buddhist named was jatukarm. In this way, he can develop the hospital in best manner. There is no confusion to choose this hospital for solving the patient’s problem. It can offer a widest range of medical services with best functionality to the patient’s problems. So, it is the right way to move for this hospital and draw best solution that the patient desires. The patient should have a genuine cause to enter this hospital for making the problem effectively.

The diseases are spread by sexual contact with the infected person and most common forms at Hua Hin are gonorrhoea & syphilis. Both are all treatable with the antibiotics, however it is very important get the medical help when possible to avoid the serious health problems afterwards. There is at present no cure for the herpes and HIV/AIDS. Whist total abstinence from the sexual contact is an only way avoiding the STDs, use of the condoms highly reduces chances to contracting them. In case, you are active sexually over here, then protect yourself & others. Despite modern disease carrying social stigma, which it does & seeming reluctance of the authorities publicise extent of that, and it is present at Hua Hin and all across Thailand. Most of the ex-pats are exposed to infection by sexual activity, instead of intavenous drug abuse, however threat is real, and thus protection with the condoms is necessary in case, you are very sexually promiscuous.

At Hua Hin malaria & dengue fever are not very common and town is also regarded as low risk and there are instances of diseases to be caught locally, but, and best advice is covering up as well as using the mosquito repellant when insects are active at dusk to dawn. Dengue fever is also spread by the daytime mosquito. In case, you visit the high risk area over Hua Hin for length of the time (say to Burmese border) then you might wish to consider taking the anti-malarial tablets prior to you go.